Electrode Cap, Tip And Shank, Spot Welding Caps, Thane, India
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Electrode Cap, Tip And Shank

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Electrode Cap, Tip And Shank
CuCrZr material is best suited material of spot welding caps for both coated & non-coated sheets. The additional cost advantages of our (CuCrZr) Cap, Tip and Shank and Adaptor:-
1. RWMA – class 1 copper chromium zirconium (CuCrZr), Conductivity 85% and Hardness 83B.
2. Does not stick on Zr coated materials because the lower welding current and pressure used melt less of the Zr and thus reduce the diffusion of the Zr into the Cu.
3. Reducing the current by 15 - 20%, which is a big saving of energy & power consumption.
4. Reducing weld force by which weld splatters are minimized
5. Reducing dressing time to more than half that also if necessary, as the cap tip surface does not allow formation of any contamination like brass coating / carbon.
6. Reduce cap changing downtime.
7. Better weld quality.
8. Increasing Kickless & Aid Cable life.
These above factors ultimately results into more productivity.
Electrode Cap, Tip And Shank
Electrode Cap, Tip, Adaptors, Arms, Shank, and Holders, as per your drawing.
Electrode Cap, Tip And Shank
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